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I am obsessed with the human experience – the way we feel, what we care about, how this translates into choices and actions. 

And through all my explorations of the human experience, one truth rings: when we are our Whole Selves – when we believe, think, and act from the core of our being, in all aspects of our lives – we can access our greatest capacity for purpose and joy. 


I facilitate your journey to be your Whole Self – in family, spirituality, career, and community leadership – through:

My perspective is shaped by spiritual studies and traditional consciousness wisdom; have intellectual foundations in finance, value-aligned business leadership, and political philosophy; and have been initiated in trauma healing and motherhood. 

If my professional background interests you, visit my LinkedIn profile.

Thank you for being here, thank you for sharing your journey to wholeness with me. 

I am Here for Your Nourishing Transformation

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