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About the Messy Madrecita Blog

I started the Messy Madrecita Blog because I yearned for a place where my Whole Self could shine. Where I could be nurturing, visionary, sensitive, and fierce – where past, present, and future self could dance together.

A place to be my Whole Self didn’t exist, so I created it – and through telling my story, I found a new capacity for joy and purpose.


Look, as humans, we are forever evolving. Voices may say revealing your not-fully-formed selves is not welcomed… but here, it is embraced. 

In truth, the undeniable realness of our raw human experience is grounding, empowering and up-lifting – I think that is pretty damn beautiful and powerful. Thank you for being here, for reading my story, and for sharing yours. ♡

Calling all Mindful Mamas and Consciousness Explorers...

The Messy Madrecita Blog wants to hear what you have to say! And more importantly, so does the world. 

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The Messy Madrecita Blog wants to know what you have to say! And more importantly, so does the world. 

We are supporting thoughtful, respectful, heart-centered conversations. All perspectives are celebrated.

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A Blog for Mindful Mamas
and Consciousness Explorers

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