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Visit Wake the Talk UP!'s

LIVE for Six Weeks   2 Cohorts |  Beginning September and October

Do you want to be 

truly seen and heard, and to 

truly understand others?

Lauren Pappas, Madrecita Rising

As a woman, mother, and coach, Lauren strives to cultivate joy and purpose. Her facilitation and coaching is shaped by her Whole Self: intellectual foundations in finance, value-aligned business leadership, and political philosophy; spiritual studies and traditional consciousness wisdom, and life’s initiations, traumas, and healings.

Choose from two cohort schedules:

Saturdays | 10am-12pm PST | September 18th-October 23rd 

Wednesdays | 3:00pm-5:00pm PST | October 27th-December 8th

We wrap all of this in an intentional container, with the sincere intention to meet you where you are and craft a personal development journey that will ripple into all aspects of your life.

Of course you do.
We've been there–we understand.

The Wake the Talk UP! 6 Week Intensive Workshop is a consciousness & communication learning laboratory. Incorporating non-violent communication (NVC), mindfulness embodiment practices, somatic experiencing, neural patterning principles, and leadership fundamentals - the Wake the Talk UP! 6 Week Intensive Workshop aims to cultivate more effective, easeful, and rewarding communication in all aspects of life.

Join Lauren Pappas and Allison Ayer for the Wake the Talk UP! 6 Week Intensive Workshop. 

This immersive, intimate, and customized consciousness & communication workshop includes:

Dynamic in-session learning:

  • Customized content for the needs of each cohort

  • Proprietary tools and practices

  • 1:1 hot seat coaching  

  • Internal Family Systems (“IFS”) guided sessions

  • Interactive learning and exercises

Inter-session integration guidance, including:  

  • Journaling and Community Share prompts 

  • Weekly practice sessions on the Wake the Talk UP! community

  • 1:1 check-ins from Lauren and Allison in the Wake the Talk UP! community

Lifetime access to: 

  • Wake the Talk UP! Community

  • Session materials and recordings 

  • Discounts for future Wake the Talk UP! programming

During this workshop, we will cover

Session 1

Waking Up to Our Internal Experience

If we don’t know what is true for us,

we simply cannot know what to say or how to say it. This session is the foundation for our entire workshop 

Session 4

Waking Up to Each Other

What comes up, through, and out when we communicate with others? What can we learn about ourselves, and our relationships? 

Session 2

Waking Up Our Discernment

There are hundreds of thousands of words in the English language. Don’t bypass saying what you really mean. 

Session 5

Waking Up to Ourselves

How does communication with ourselves show up? How can we carry an inner dialogue that helps us do what we want and say what we mean? 

Session 3

50 Shades of Waking Up

Truth… finite or infinite?

We expand our understanding of "truth", making

space to better understand ourselves & others 

Session 6

Awakening Our Asking

We bring in everything we’ve learned and apply it to making requests.

More powerful than 6 months of coaching. In Wake the Talk UP!’s six week intensive, I experienced deeper personal development shifts than in 6 months of coaching. Wake the Talk UP! is about more than communication - it’s a place to examine and shift unconscious beliefs, behaviors and mindsets.

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Wake the Talk UP!

Sliding scale, BIPOC and
Trans Scholarships available

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Allison Ayer, The You Lab 

Allison is a launch catalyst for your dreams and ambitions, especially those that require a personal transformation.


With 22 years of experience in physical therapy, self-expression, self-growth, and transformation, Allison provides resources and shifts for your mindset, nervous system, and body.


Her toolbox includes coaching, Internal Family Systems, Non-Violent Communication, A.R.T., P-DTR, Feng Shui, workshops, and mediation, making her the perfect ally for your journey to go deep and have fun in the process.

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