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Through all of my experiences, one truth rings: when we are our Whole Selves – when we believe, think, and act from the core of our being, in all aspects of our lives – we are able to access our greatest capacity for purpose and joy. 

I facilitate your journey to be your Whole Self – in family, spirituality, career, and community leadership – through Intuitive Coaching, Mindfulness Workshops & Events, and Culture Transformation Consulting.


Your journey to cultivate joy and purpose to find wholeness within yourself  does not have to be uncomfortable;  it can be a Nourishing Transformation. 

I understand the challenges that come with massive life experiences - a shift in career, death in family, spiritual experiences, all bring rapid shifts in our values and identities.


I am here to help you integrate life’s transformative teachings into the foundation of who you are. 


My goal is to help you develop greater intimacy within yourself, self-acceptance, and access to your unique gifts and capacities. Incorporating custom mindfulness practices, personality assessments, compassionate space-holding, and intuitive guidance, we work with the material that is most accessible, knowing that all trailheads will survey the entire landscape of your being. 


Madrecita Rising’s Consciousness Workshops & Events plant seeds for profound interpersonal and professional transformation, while laying the foundation for sustainable and nourishing change within yourself and all aspects of your life. 


Check out Madrecita Rising’s signature workshop, Wake the Talk UP! 6 Week Intensive Workshop and explore what nourishing transformation is all about. 

Free events periodically offered on Clubhouse and Instagram - see calendar for more.


Lauren provides custom consulting for values-based organizations and companies at all sizes. Lauren’s specialties include: 


  • Cultivating effective and human-centered workplace communication 

  • Leadership transition support

  • Vision, values, and purpose ideation

  • Custom “Wake the Talk UP!” curriculum for organizations and teams


For more on Lauren’s professional background, see her LinkedIn profile.

Workshops and Events

Free weekly events held on Instagram and Clubhouse.... all in service to your Nourishing Transformation and journey to wholeness.

Wake the Talk UP! Madrecita Rising's signature 6 week consciousness and communication workshop begins September 18th.

Wake the Talk UP!  6 Week Intensive Workshop
Wake the Talk UP!  6 Week Intensive Workshop
Sep 18, 2021, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT

Lauren helped me to awaken to the perfection and wholeness that I already am. To the truth that I am not broken, and that my feelings and needs are valid and necessary. My deeply human need to be seen, held, and understood has been met again and again in her presence, and I hope she continues to share the magic of this experience with others. 

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